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Creator of PilatesBodyWorkout

Hey, Natalya here..

Over the past 20 years I am someone who has trained thousands of people to see not only physical transformation in their bodies, but also in how they FEEL and MOVE. We’ve all experienced the cycle of trying new things and looking for a sustainable long standing solution to just moving our bodies, looking good in that little black dress and knowing what the heck to eat. Why is it so hard? Why can’t someone just spell it out? That is exactly what I do. Spell it out and make it simple. 

I was you once upon a time. Tired. Stressed. Trying. Failing. I was that miserable woman who was punishing herself on the cardio equipment for hours a week. I was that woman who had no idea what to eat and couldn’t figure out why I was always hungry, but looked and felt terrible. I was the woman with excruciating lower back pain bouncing from one healthcare practitioner to another trying to fix my aching body.  

Guess what?

There’s a reason I’m nearly 40ty and I move and look better than when I was a 20ty year old professional dancer in my prime.

There’s a reason that people are often shocked to see me put back a hamburger or pasta and eat “normal” food. There’s a reason I have clients who’ve been with me for over a decade.

It’s because what I do and how I do it works.

I want to help you achieve the same. I am passionate about helping women just like you. I understand the struggles, the short on time and big on wants.

You’re not succeeding because no one is giving you the full story. It’s not all your fault. 

Let me help you get and keep the body you want.

I’ll show you how to develop movement that keeps you young and moving like a panther strutting smoothly and confidently.

Nobody wants to move and feel like a limp piece of arugula. You haven’t been given the full story, the full picture on what it takes to meet and exceed your goals.

There’s a formula that works. If it didn’t exist people like me would still be chasing a goal with no end in sight.  

Nowadays, my focus has shifted from one-on-one training to offering an exclusive group of women the key to sustainable long standing results through PialtesBodyWorkout Transformation.

This means nutrition, curated Pilates programs and accountability coaching.

Training with me will yield results that even private sessions three times a week cannot achieve.


Because nutrition is a keystone to everything you do. So is rest and recovery. Plus consistency in your workouts.

And I know you need accountability.

Someone to keep you on track, answer your questions and give you a pick me up on those days when getting on the mat seems insurmountable.

Bottom line, I’m on a mission to help struggling women who just want to FEEL better and Live Younger reach and exceed those goals. But best of all keep them. 

Visit my Work with me page to find out how we can get started.

Just imagine what it will feel like when you get what you want, what you really, really want!

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Certifications & Experience

Pilates for EveryBody

This signature lineup is the brainchild of two decades worth of Pilates teaching experience. It’s a workout for everyBody. When I think of a PilatesBody, it’s not just the physique that comes to mind. It’s someBody who moves with ultimate control, graceful fluidity, and super strength, with posture to envy and a big spoonful of “How’d they move like THAT?” I’ve designed PBW to build your body and empower you to feel confident as a mover.

PilatesBodyWorkout is for everyBODY who wants to condition, strengthen, move, and feel better. The sessions are creative, dynamic, and effective. PBW will support you in any other activity you choose by giving you the superhuman powers only Pilates can develop. It isn’t just about the aesthetic or looking like a PilatesBody (whatever image comes to mind when you read that).

It’s about moving like a Pilates practitioner. A PilatesBody is anyone who moves their unique body in a way that embodies all the hallmarks of a Pilates practitioner:

  • Control
  • Precision
  • Strength
  • Flow

You can spot a Pilates practitioner not because of the way they look, but the way they MOVE. PBW is meant to give you the tools to become a confident and efficient mover, building your strength, mobility, fluidity, and poise. I’m committed to providing you with the most exceptional instruction. PilatesBodyWorkout will change you forever. Promise.

Natalya’s Certifications

After ending her professional dance career, Natalya completed her full Pilates Certification on all pieces of equipment with STOTT Pilates in 2002. Her Certification remains current and active. Natalya also has over 500 continuing education hours, is fully a Certified Yoga Instructor and countless years of self practice.

Natalya is the teacher’s teacher, a rare combination of someone who has walked the walk with an unparalleled education in her craft and a lifetime dedicated to mastering movement in her own body. Learning and working with Natalya is one of those experiences that will leave you wondering, “How did she know that?” She is gifted at disarming those who are skeptical about Pilates and converting them for life.

Natalya has taught numerous instructor training courses and was the first Lead Teacher Trainer for the Equinox Pilates Institute in Canada. She is also dedicated to her loyal, private clients, many of whom are athletes that rely on their bodies for elite performance. She studied kinesiology at the university level, accumulated hundreds of hours in continuing education credits, and has been featured in print publications, online blogs, and television programs. A mother of two, Natalya is also popular with prenatal and postnatal clients and has extensive education and experience teaching individuals with injuries and special populations.

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