3 Things to Elevate Your Pilates Game

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Natalya sitting on a Pilates mat in a brightly lit studio modelling a Solo the Staple Bodysuit
  1. Get a proper Pilates Mat.
A Yoga mat is different from a Pilates mat. A Pilates mat is thicker and puffier to cushion your spine, knees and hips from grinding into the floor. There are countless retailers, but this is by far my personal favourite:
Quick hack: stack two yoga mats one on top of the other for added cushioning.
  1. Your hair may be hurting your Pilates game:
Yes, you read that right. If you wear a ponytail right at the back of your head and lie down it will really affect your head and neck placement. So, either wear it on the top of your head or down low at the base of your neck.
  1. Fighting with your clothes?
Is there anything worse than finally getting onto your Pilates mat only to discover your sports bra is crushing your ribcage or there’s no poorly positioned zipper at the back of your leggings digging into your back? Make a pile of “look good” activewear and “feel good” activewear. Only wear the functional and comfortable “feel good” pile for Pilates. Because your focus should be on your movement not your threads.
See you on the mat!

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