The Reason Why I Started PBW

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You may have caught the story I published to Instagram about how I happened upon Pilâtes.

The one where I admitted I used to be a cardio junkie doing the most intense cardio, HIIT, aerobics and anything that brought me to exhaustion and burn-out to lose the weight I’d gained after ending my professional dance career.

I used to pound my feet on that treadmill.

I hated every single second of It.

I thought it was the only way to claw my way back to the body I had and to feel good about myself.

I could not have been more wrong.

When my back gave out and I was in utter agony I circled back to Pilâtes. It was something I had done as a dancer for conditioning the body and recovering rom injuries. I gave up all the cardio and another form of exercise I won’t mention, but it may or may not have been ashtanga yoga.

I only did Pilâtes. Cold Turkey. Pilâtes only.

That was It.

Within 3 months I had no back pain at all. I went from thinking I had a herniated disk and crying whenever I bend over to being completely pain free. I started to see my breathing change. And by change I mean I could breathe again. I started appreciating my body in a new way. I was shocked I was developing strength in places I never explored even as a professional dancer and I was becoming stronger than I had been in my prime.

Within a year I looked completely different. Not just because Pilâtes changed my body composition (translation I had abs, a great tush and sinewy muscles). I looked different mostly because I looked happy. I walked with confidence. I moved like a panther in and out of a room and not like a wilting piece of arugula.

Yes, there was an exterior transformation.

But I’m not sure I would’ve been hooked on Pilâtes without the internal one. The one that taught me through the patience and persistence of this unassuming practice called Pilâtes that I would find my way back to myself.

Listen – that may sound cheese-o-la.

But It’s truth. It’s my truth.

And it is the reason I created PBW.

To help anyone who’s tried to punish themselves through physical activity and keep falling short of feeling anything but lesser-than and totally utterly defeated.

I was you.
I feel you.
I understand.

I polled my clients one year ago before I create PBW and asked them why they do Pilâtes. I created neat little boxes for them to tick off that read:

  • Strong Core
  • Better Posture
  • Lean muscles
  • Improve mobility

The last little box read “Because it makes me
feel good.”

Guess what?

Every single client ticked that last little box.

Yes. you know Pilâtes is going to give you an incredible physique.

Yes. you know your posture is gonna be drool worthy.

But what is so easily over-looked is the FEEL GOOD factor.

And that is where FEEL THE FEELS was born. I refuse to accept that working out. training, exercise, movement whatever you opt to call it has to be devoid of FEELING something good and joyful.

One life. One you. Let the joy pour out.


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