Why the weights? And why are they so light?

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You’ve probably noticed by now that some PilatesBodyWokout sessions include hand weights.
What’s the benefit of using a weight in Pilates?
There are many reasons weights are used in Pilates, but my top three are:
1. Weights give more awareness to our arms and also more effort to moving them. Too often in Pilates we just let our arms hang like seaweed without the true engagement of our back muscles, shoulders and arms. Weights bring effort and work to the forefront and improve grip strength when holding the weights.

2. Weights help us feel our core more. What? Explain! Well, when we take the weights far away from our torso our core muscles have to light up a little stronger making the work more obvious.


3. Incorporating weights with Pilates is good for bone building. Strength is the currency of youth. Since many Pilates exercises are not weight-bearing (on the mat) the addition of weights loads us and adds a strength component.


Why are Pilates weights so light? Does 1-2lbs actually do anything?
Yes. 100%
1-2lbs for Pilates is most common because we are holding them for long durations of time. Just think about holding your arms out in a “T” position for 8 spinal twists in each direction. Uh-huh, mega arm burner! We also want to work our arms without stressing our neck and shoulders. Always focusing on posture, precision, and control.
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