PilatesBodyWorkout is a FULL body workout – Every time.

Focus on: Muscle tone, strength, length, endurance and healthy range of motion (flexibility) are key.

Low impact – gentle on your joint.

Proper alignment. Bad form = bad results.

Confidence building! You will become empowered in your body and how it moves.


Age Backwards.

Do it for life.

Maybe you’ve tried Pilates before and you felt it wasn’t your jam. BUT you haven’t done Pilates with me. Or maybe you love Pilates, but are frustrated why you haven’t physically seen the results you were hoping for. PilatesBodyWorkout is designed to focus on what matters: your form, feeling the feels, working in a way that maximizes results AND actually have a program with specific progression. None of this random workout here and there. PilatesBodyWorkout isn’t lying on your back for 30 minutes and breathing (though that an be useful). It is a vigorous, often intense and focused workout from standing to floor, to a wall, to a chair, using a towel or pair of socks. You’ve never done anything like this before. Promise.

Short on time? No problem. I got you. As a Mom of two and entrepreneur I understand. We will address your time needs in our consult and build out a program that is sensible and achievable. 30 minutes a day is plenty for success.
Because we know and we live the following 3 mantra:
What gets measured gets results.
Yes, you will be tracking some nutrients, logging your workouts, and other critical metrics. Pilates doesn’t typically involve goal setting, progression and tracking of real metrics. We cannot evolve you with a clear picture of where you’re starting and where you are going to go.
What gets scheduled gets done and frees up more time!
You don’t miss appointments in your schedule do you? If it’s in your schedule you’ll get it done, stress free.  If you schedule out and plan the most important components of your day including your workout and your meals you actually end up having more time for the things and people you love.
Actions reveal your priorities.
Health is wealth. Period. If you want enjoy the good life this must be a priority. If it’s important you’ll get it done. Accountability coaching helps to keep you focused, reminds you why it’s important and on track with being your best self.