LOOK YOUNGER! Pilâtes for Anti-Aging… Have I Caught Your Attention?

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We tend to think we can tell someone’s age by their wrinkles or hair colour. I would argue I can tell someone’s true age by the way they move their body.

Here are some things I look for:

  • Getting up out of a chair without using their hands.
  • Gait (how they walk). It there’s stiffness or frailty?
  • General fluidity to their movement. Panther versus limp arugula.
  • Posture and agility.

Everyone thinks that anti-aging elixirs live in some potion, lotion or vitamin. And those definitely help. But in my experience a huge part
of the fountain of youth lives in Pilâtes.

Just another motivating reason to stop, drop and PilatesBodyWorkout!

See you on mat,

You might notice in some staged photos of me I look rather glowy with some extra pizzazz. That is thanks to Taylor Downes who occasionally helps me with my make up. Believe me, I wish I could manifest her out of my pocket on the daily to help me feel all the beauty feels. So I asked her to share some of her best pre and post Pilâtes skin care tips. Check. It. Out!


  • Don’t wear make up when working out!
  • You don’t want potential irritants or bacteria on the skin.
  • Wash face before workout. Apply light moisturizer.
  • *Make sure not to apply anything with active ingredients. It may cause itching or irritation.


  • Immediately wash your face post workout
  • Don’t let dirt, oil and bacteria sit on your skin.
  • Can’t get to a sink? bring cleansing water and cotton pads or makeup.


Use cool water and a gentile non-stripping cleanser when washing to calm any redness and irritation. (Pat the skin dry to avoid further irritation). Before applying products, make sure the skin is cooled down and is no longer super red. Applying actives on skin that is already inflamed can cause an unwanted reaction.

Use a hydrating toner with an antibacterial ingredient, such as witch hazel.

Apply hyaluronic acid to bring back moisture to the skin, soothing eye cream, moisturizer of your choice and spf (during the day).

Or if at night, continue with your night time regime.

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