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Learn How Natalya Can Help You Transform Your Body!

I’m Natalya Sebastian,
I’m on a mission to help struggling women who just want to FEEL better and Live YOUNGER reach and exceed those goals. It isn’t complicated. I spell it out for you.

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Catherine M.

Natalya is a truly gifted teacher whose deep knowledge and love of pilates is obvious in all her work. She is also a consummate professional and it is a joy and inspiration to learn from her.

Anita E.

Natalya is an extremely talented instructor with a special touch! Natalya is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and is particularly talented at cueing movements so that you can execute them properly and maximize results. Natalya is an excellent and enthusiastic motivator, always encouraging me to achieve higher levels in a fun and safe way!

A testimonial photo of Sandra working out on an exercise mat
Sandra S

I was hooked after one class! I instantly knew she was an exceptional Pilates instructor. Her creativity and attention to detail left me craving more. Natalya is a passionate instructor and her extensive knowledge in Pilates and muscular movement makes every class challenging. Natalya supports and encourages her students to grow, work hard, and achieve their personal goals. A truly inspirational Pilates instructor.

A testimonial headshot of Kate
Kate S

I have been practicing Pilates since I was a child and Natalya is the best instructor with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working. She knows exactly what I need to work on and exactly how to work on it. She’s extremely knowledgable and her cues and imagery are highly effective. Each session is perfect for me. She’s the best!

A testimonial photo of Leah working out in a Pilates studio
Leah H

Natalya’s passion for pilates and extensive knowledge of mindful movement, grounds and supports my practice immensely. She balances both strength and flexibility along with effort and ease. She motivates me to find a healthy limit, and leaves me feeling both strong and light at the same time. She is truly a pilates guru and I want her in my life forever!

Sabine V.

I have been training with Natalya for the better part of 15 years. I never getting tired of PilatesBodyWorkout and I do it 4-5 times a week. Natalya understands the the body like no one else and how to get muscles firing for incredible tone and function. PilatesBodyWorkout’s benefits are undeniable and I can’t imagine life without it.