What is a Pilates Body?

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Hi Natalya ,

What is a Pilates Body? Those two words are an integral part of PBW’s namesake after all. Why did I select the name PilatesBodyWorkout?

Let me explain.

For me a Pilates Body is one that embodies the hallmarks of Pilates:

  • Precision in movement
  • Control 
  • Fluidity
  • Agility
  • Confidence* (this is a big one).

Sure, you will develop core strength, muscle tone, and legs for days with Pilates, but that’s not the foundation of PBW. I know many people with abs to envy who have zero confidence when they move their bodies. Modern life is moving adults toward rigidity and tentativeness even when just walking and taking up daily activities. Pain, tension, and body discomfort is all too familiar. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

What am I trying to tell you?

Forget how your body looks. Start with wanting to just FEEL good when you move. Start with learning to MOVE with ease, grace and confidence. 

Pilates is tough. My job is to convince you that it is worth it and to help take you on a journey where you trust me to lead you to a place where you feel powerful in your body, not discouraged by its temporary struggles. There are countless options in PBW. Revisit Pilates 101 even if you feel like an expert. Try a Core Power segment and see where the road will eventually lead you even if you’re a beginner.

Remember, you would never expect to be an Olympic level figure skater the first time you put on a pair of skates and step onto some ice. So be patient with Pilates…

With repetition the magic is forced to rise.
-Alchemical Precept

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